The Solar & EV Connection

Here’s a really cool thing that EVs make possible: free fuel!

Here’s how it works:

Even a small 3 kW grid-tied solar array, combined with a grid-tied inverter/EV charger, will provide 15,000 km per year of driving for the average EV. (To learn more about how “grid-tied solar” works in BC, check out or Grid-Tie FAQ). Your investment in solar power will pay for itself FAST and then make FREE FUEL FOR LIFE!

Why buy electricity when you can make your own?

ASK PEACE ENERGY CO-OP about our customized Solar/EV Package: “FREE FUEL FOR LIFE!”

It feels SO GOOD to power you EV with sunlight!

grid-tied inverter / EV charger

This small 3 kW solar array (top) and a grid-tied inverter/EV charger (bottom) is all you need to power your EV with free solar-electric “fuel” for decades to come.