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Welcome to Peace Energy Renewable Energy Cooperative, the first in western Canada! Our over 635+ members share a common vision: a clean energy world filled with hope and opportunity. Since 2003 we have been shaping a better future powered by the limitless, clean renewable energies of wind and solar. Peace Energy Coop members are working together to make this a practical reality, for today and forever. We hope you’ll join us!

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The Peace River Energy Project
(PREP formerly named “Alberta Community Energy Project”)

A cooperatively-owned, grid-tied solar farm in the Peace River Region of Alberta
slated for construction in 2023.

Western Canada’s first cooperatively financed, owned & operated solar farm; reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing pollution-free energy to the local grid.
Job creation and economic diversification in the green energy sector.
Community engagement and pride through local ownership of renewable energy infrastructure.
Sustainable agricultural practices that honour the water, land and biodiversity are prioritized and integrated within the facility.
A financial return is provided to the members/investors of Peace Energy Co-op.
PREP will be the first of many. It will create a template for other community-owned renewable energy projects.
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PREP Project Overview – Nov 2022

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Municipal Solar

Peace Energy Cooperative (PEC) works closely with different Municipalities both in British Columbia and Alberta. We provide consulting and full installation!

Residential PV

Interested in Solar for your own home? We can help you evaluate your options, provide you with consulting services for basic or advanced arrays. We carry a full lineup of inverters, solar panels and associated parts and pieces.

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