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Aeolis--2006-169Aeolis Wind Power Corporation

Named after the Greek God of Wind, Aeolis (pronounced A-O’-lis) is located in Victoria, British Columbia. Aeolis is a Canadian wind energy development company focused on establishing large–scale wind power generation facilities in western Canada. Aeolis and Peace Energy began working together and signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2004. This document signified the intention of the two organizations (PEC and Aeolis) to work out a joint venture agreement for the development of a Wind Park on Bear Mountain.

For more information, please visit Aeolis Wind Power Corp


bmwBear Mountain Wind Limited Partnership

Bear Mountain Wind Limited Partnership (“BMWLP”) was formed for the purpose of developing a wind power project at Bear Mountain in northeast British Columbia, near Dawson Creek. The development and planning limited partners are AltaGas Limited Partnership, Aeolis Wind Power Corporation and Peace Energy Cooperative. The general partner is Bear Mountain Wind Power Corporation (“BMWPC”).



AltaGas Income Trust is one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing integrated energy infrastructure and services organizations. The Trust creates value by growing and optimizing assets and services across the energy value chain to serve North America’s energy demand. Since 1994, AltaGas Income Trust has expanded its business to include natural gas gathering, processing and transmission, extraction of ethane and natural gas liquids, power generation, marketing of natural gas and natural gas liquids, as well as retail energy services to commercial, industrial and institutional end-users across Canada.

For more information, please visit AltaGas


SustainableDCSustainable Dawson Creek

The City of Dawson Creek’s goal is to be a visionary community that works together for innovative social, cultural, economic and environmental vitality. As part of that, Dawson Creek has embarked on a mission to become a sustainble city in all four of these areas. Currently much of the city’s effort is focused on reducing the City’s environmental impact.

For more information, please visit Planning For People or City of Dawson Creek.


NLC logoNorthern Lights College – Dawson Creek Campus

Northern Lights College is a driver of learning excellence, which exists to enhance and enrich the quality of life of the people and communities in the college region. Peace Energy Cooperative and other community partners have been involved in the planning of an exciting renewable energy training and community information ‘Energy House’ project with NLC over the last four years. This facility will implement, promote and provide trades education on renewable energy technologies such as geothermal, solar photovoltaic, solar hotwater and wind energy as well as sustainable living practices. It is currently under construction with a spring 2011 completion date.

See Northern Lights College for more information.


Bullfrog PowerBullfrog Power

Bullfrog currently provides a 100% green electricity choice to everyone in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI with electricity exclusively from wind and hydro facilities certified as low impact by Environment Canada.Buying renewable electricity for your home or business is an easy and affordable way to reduce your environmental impact, and cause new renewable generation to be built and create a cleaner world for today and tomorrow. Thousands of Canadian homes and businessare are addressing climate change and air pollution by chosing green electricity with Bullfrog Power and through this simple action, they are making a big difference.

See Bullfrog Power Inc. for more information.


Sci-TechLogoSci-Tech North

Sci-Tech North is a non-profit society located in Fort St. John, British Columbia. Serving the Peace-Liard-Stikine regions, Sci-Tech North offers support for individuals and organizations that are interested in researching or applying innovative science and technology. In early 2005 Peace Energy Cooperative acquired from Sci-Tec North renewable energy field monitoring equipment, a computer system and analysis software for further study of wind resources in the Peace region.

For more information, please visit Sci-Tech North

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