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You don’t have to be big to be Green! 

Peace Energy Cooperative was pleased to help the District of Hudson’s Hope (population 1,100) in northeast British Columbia, Canada to successfully apply for a federal Gas Tax Grant to install solar on nine municipal facilities to reduce and stabilize their growing electrical bills. 

The grant was successful, and Peace Energy Co-op won the RFP bid to design, supply and install what turned out to be the largest municipal solar project in the province.  

Seven Hudson’s Hope high school students were hired for the summer to help with the installations. They were wonderful, hard working and excited to be part of an important renewable energy project in their home town. Community enthusiasm was strong , with many public meetings, solar info sessions, and a fun final ribbon cutting celebration held in their new 100% solar powered (Net Zero) District Shop! 

A total of 510 kW of grid-tied solar, some roof and some ground mounted, were installed, now saving the District some $70,000 a year in electrical bills. 

Click here to view our four-minute video of the Hudson’s Hope Municipal Community Solar Project, the largest municipal solar project in BC!

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Municipal Solar

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