Membership FAQs

Q: Why should I be a member of Peace Energy Cooperative?

A: In a member questionnaire, the number one reason our members told us they joined PEC was to be part of a group of like-minded individuals.

Q: What benefits do I receive as a member?

A: An equal vote, along with every other member, for the election of the board of directors, and on issues of importance to the cooperative. Each member of the cooperative has, one, and only one, vote regardless of how many membership shares they may own;

A membership share that will pay dividends based on the profits that the cooperative will generate;

The opportunity to invest in the development of renewable energy resources and technology;

Information on renewable energy and early notification of cooperative sponsored workshops and conferences;

As a member of Peace Energy, you are part of an important group that has the opportunity to affect local, provincial and federal policy on energy issues;

The opportunity to contribute to sustainable economic development;

The knowledge that you are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and doing your part to slow global warming, and creating a safer and more secure future.

Q: How can I get involved in PEC activities?

A: The AGM is held in the first quarter of the year and all members are encouraged to attend. The AGM gives the membership the opportunity to gather and meet other members and the directors and hear reports from the board on activities the board and committees are involved in, updates on project development news, and information about the financial position of the cooperative. This is also the time for members to ask questions of the board and give them feedback about things the membership feels are important to the cooperative. Elections for available seats on the Board of Directors is held each year at the Annual General Meeting. Every member has a vote.

There are also opportunities for members to attend workshops and other gatherings such as the yearly open house in December. PEC also takes part in the Kiwanis Trade Show and members are encouraged to come and work a spell in the booth to tell others about Peace Energy and why they should be members too!

Members are also encouraged to become involved through various committees. If you have great ideas for the Research & Development Committee? Are you great with number crunching? There are various committees that you could be part of; contact the office to inquire!



Last Updated on 28 October 2016

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