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The basic concept for Peace Energy Cooperative was conceived in early 2002. Two Dawson Creek businessmen with a keen interest in renewable energy and energy conservation, Don Pettit and Paul Kurjata, realized the potential for wind energy in the Peace River Country. The Peace is rich in fossil fuels that are extracted by a handful of giant and mostly multi-national companies. Pettit and Kurjata argued that as a cooperative, Peace Energy can pool resources and expertise from local people who can then actually own some of this this new resource industry in the Peace Region.

Peace Energy started taking memberships in May 2002, With about 80 members signed up, Peace Energy incorporated as a cooperative on Oct. 21, 2003.

As its major project, Peace Energy has its sights set at establishing a wind park on Bear Mountain, nearby Dawson Creek, and identified by BC Hydro as one of the most promising sites in British Columbia to generate power from the wind. Peace Energy secured the right to pursue this wind park in July 2004. Three months later, Peace Energy signed a memorandum of understanding with Aeolis Wind Power Corporation of Sidney, B.C., to partner on the development of Bear Mountain.

Besides the Bear Mountain project, Peace Energy is committed to make renewable energy accessible and affordable for its members in the Peace Region of northern British Columbia and Alberta. This includes wind energy, geothermal heating, solar power, bio fuels, as well as energy conservation methods.

By banding together in Peace Energy Cooperative, northern residents have a way to share in the abundance of renewable energy available in their Peace Region. It also gives them a united voice in lobbying governments to encourage the move to renewable energy.

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Municipal Solar

Peace Energy Cooperative (PEC) works closely with different Municipalities both in British Columbia and Alberta. We provide consulting and full installation!

Residential PV

Interested in Solar for your own home? We can help you evaluate your options, provide you with consulting services for basic or advanced arrays. We carry a full lineup of inverters, solar panels and associated parts and pieces.

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Peace Energy Cooperative is your opportunity to become an active part of the global shift to renewable energy. As one of more than 610 members, you are making a difference NOW, staying informed locally and globally, and being an important part of something that really matters.

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