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Greg Dueck, Dawson Creek BC – Solar Consultant


As a lifelong resident of Dawson Creek, Greg believes that this area has strength and vibrant energy with great opportunity. After growing up in Dawson Creek, Greg married Joanne and they now continue to work and raise their own family here.

Along with an active and healthy lifestyle, a family focus has grown to include conservation and sustainable choices. Greg and Joanne joined with a group of likeminded individuals to help found Peace Energy Cooperative in the early 2000s as a vehicle for individuals to have a say in, and an investment opportunity in, the developing energy shift to renewables.

Over the years Greg has worked with the public in many ways, owned and operated his own local business, and now works as the Northern Field Rep for Aeolis Wind Power as well as often volunteering with Peace Energy Cooperative. He is looking forward to supporting the Cooperative by sitting on the board of directors during this exciting time.

Tammy Lawrence, Dawson Creek BC – Office Administrator

Tammy is a small-town girl who was born and raised in Dawson Creek. Over the years, she moved from Northern BC a few times but chose to return so her then-young children could spend time with family on their grandparents’ farm. 

She has a daughter and a son. Her son remains close to the family, living and working in Dawson Creek. Her daughter, along with her son-in-law and grandson, have been living in Asia since 2017; we can say the wind moved them since her son-in-law’s career is in the wind energy industry.

In the last three years, Tammy has become a world traveller. Her passport now includes stamps from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Australia. 

Especially now that she’s a Grammy, Tammy feels it is even more important to be involved in renewable energy for future generations. 

Should you have any questions about Peace Energy Cooperative, solar or wind power, electric vehicles, or any of the many initiatives we are involved in, Tammy will either help you directly or connect you with one of our knowledgeable staff. Don’t hesitate to call! 

Don Pettit, Executive Director/Marketing and Communications

Don Pettit Director, Peace Energy Cooperative

Don has been living in the Dawson Creek area since 1974. He is a creative and commercial photographer and video producer, born, raised, and trained in southern Ontario. Don moved north for a more rural lifestyle and for greater access to the outdoors, much of his creative work being focused on nature photography.

Don has published several books of his photographs, most recently “Power Shift” a book about the creation of Bear Mountain Wind Park, and a companion video by the same name. Don is an active environmentalist and received the BC Minister’s Environmental Award in 1999.

He was one of the founding members of Peace Energy Cooperative and has been active in the organization ever since, specializing in marketing and communication. Don and his wife Barbara Swail live just outside of Dawson Creek in a unique home that incorporates many aspects of sustainable living, including PV power.

* Directors *

Al Mottishaw, Director

We moved to Dawson Creek in 1980 for a few months, now almost 4 decades later we feel like Peace River regulars. In my last 20 years, I have been in Real Estate & loving the many diversified people I have been honoured to work with & build many friendships. Our family is pleased to have been associated with Peace Energy Co-op since its inception, believing we should work with nature to provide us with many different options on this Earth to provide us with shelter, food, heat, clean water & comfortable living standards. I also believe that because I make my lively hood from the community I should volunteer services back through different organizations. I would also encourage anyone to join the Peace Energy Co-op group & become involved with its success over the next many years.

Bill Lindsay, Vice President

Bill moved to Hudson’s Hope in 1998 and has been retired since 2006 after 30+ years in local government. He has been quite concerned about BC Hydro’s rising debt and in 2017, he had a 6.7 kW grid-tie solar panel array installed on his home. This coincided with Hudson’s Hope launching its solar PV project – the largest municipal solar array in BC.

Bill joined the Board during the Spring of 2018 and enjoys participating in the exchange of ideas for promoting the development of renewable energy for the Peace region and other areas of our province.

David Mossing, Director

Born and raised in the mountains and forests of semi-rural Southern BC, David has always been immersed in nature and, having had the privilege of living in all corners of this beautiful province, decided at an early age he wanted to do what he could to help protect it for the future. He received his early inspiration towards green energy, sustainable living, and environmental causes while growing up in the Kootenays, later moving to the Peace Region like so many others “for the jobs” and then stayed on for many years as he immersed himself in several local and international sustainability and social justice initiatives.

David helped get recycling started in Dawson Creek, serving on the board of the former Dawson Creek Recycling Association, and later toured around North America furthering Earth-friendly technologies and alternatives to plastics such as compostable packaging, as well as promoting the Peace Energy Cooperative of which he was a founding member.

He has recently returned to university to study water sustainability issues. David’s current interests besides serving on the board of The Peace Energy Cooperative include keeping up with ever-changing technologies in scientific journals, promoting solar farms, helping animals, and involvement in South Peace Search and Rescue.

Joanne Dueck, President

Joanne Dueck, DirectorBorn and raised in the Peace Country, Joanne (Rodeghiero) Dueck grew up chasing cows and horses and riding pedal and dirt bikes. Winters always were spent out of doors and she’s always had a love of downhill and cross country skiing. She went to school in Vancouver to become a teacher and principal then returned to the north-east corner of BC to pursue that working dream for the next 30 years. Getting married to Greg and raising their own three boys has been the greatest joy.

Joining the Peace Energy Cooperative and serving on the board has helped bring all of these passions into focus and action. It has been a tremendous pleasure to meet with people from around the area that share her values and concerns about the environment.

Kole Casey, Director

Kole is a 4th generation resident within the Dawson Creek area and grew up in Farmington, B.C.  Although he has lived in other places he has always maintained a special appreciation for the beautiful Peace Region and its people.  He has always enjoyed the outdoors and developed a love and respect for nature at a young age.  When Kole was in Elementary school he attended a Destination Conservation program and he has been consciously advocating for the environment ever since.  He believes in raising his family to be aware of their energy and water consumption as well as maintaining other conservation practices.
Kole has a diploma in Conservation and Restoration Ecology and currently works at the Peace River Regional District.  

Kole has many interests including environmental conservation; sustainable energy; science; education; new technologies and outdoor sports.  He enjoys attending, participating in, and supporting community events as well as learning new things. He believes in managing our resources with environmental, social and economic values in mind.

Michael McPhail, Director

Mike is Peace Energy Co-op member #17, so he has been a long-time supporter of the Co-op because he is “… an enthusiast for all things renewable”. Mike is a chartered professional accountant and Director of Financial Services for the District of Taylor. As a board member, he is anxious to use his knowledge of renewable energy and his financial skills to help the Co-op move ahead.

Mike was born in the Peace Country, and the City of Dawson Creek has been his home since childhood. “Climate change is real, the science is clear,” explains Mike. “We need to transition to renewable energy as soon as possible. I support Peace Energy Cooperative not just for the work they are doing right now to move this massive change ahead, but also for what they have already done over many years. It is an honour to serve on the board.”

Wanda Laurin, Director

Wanda Laurin is a long-time resident of the Town of Peace River, Alberta and is a true environmental champion. She has been involved with her local Recycling Society since 1995 and saw their Peace Regional Eco-Centre (full spectrum recycling and re-use centre), come to fruition in 2008. 

Wanda is a member of Peace River Environmental Society which has been promoting alternative energy in her area, hosting Alternative Energy Trade Fairs in 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2014.  In 2009 she joined Peace Energy Cooperative to support the Bear Mountain Wind Park project.

Wanda is currently a retired teacher, locavore & environmental keener. She has been very involved in helping Peace Energy Co-op become established in the Alberta Peace Region and has been working hard to lay the groundwork for our planned community-owned solar farm near Peace River.


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