Hudsons Hope Community Solar Initiative and Peace Energy Cooperative

The District of Hudson’s Hope has embraced solar energy like few other communities in Canada, and Peace Energy Co-op has helped make this possible. Under the leadership of a progressive Mayor, Council and staff and with the help of Peace Energy Cooperative, more than 500 kilowatts of grid-tied solar PV will soon power nine municipal facilities, from 50% to 100%, and saving the District millions of dollars over the coming decades. This makes Hudson’s Hope one of the most solarized communities per capita in the country, and demonstrates real leadership in electrical self-generation, sustainability and fiscal responsibility.

As well, a growing number of District of Hudson’s Hope residents have embraced the solar option, investing in their own solar power systems to achieve net zero electrical usage for their homes. They, like many others across the BC Peace Region, have contracted Peace Energy Co-op to design, supply and install they own personal renewable energy systems to reduce their electrical bills and carbon footprint.


As detailed in the following “Fast Facts” document, Peace Energy Cooperative helped the District of Hudson’s Hope secure a $1.35 million grant to implement an aggressive solarization project with the goal of reducing the District’s electrical bills over the coming decades by self-generating their own solar electricity. A joint venture between PEC and Moch Electric Ltd. then won the RFP to supply and install the solar arrays for Hudson’s Hope. This large solar project, the biggest municipal solar project in British Columbia, has been proceeding on time and on budget throughout the summer and fall of 2017, with 95% completion expected by the end of this year. A ribbon-cutting Community Solar Celebration in Hudson’s Hope is planned for the spring of 2018 when all nine PV systems will be fully commissioned and operational.

To learn more:

Check out the following media release(Sept13.17) and FAST FACTS (Nov2.17) documents, as well as our Watt’s Happening blogs #112 and #115 (Updated). Also, click on solar wave artwork to see an artist’s rendering of a very cool curved solar array planned for the Hudson’s Hope out door swimming pool. The Solar Wave is our first solar sculpture and is designed to show that solar power is not only a practical energy source but also an interesting and attractive one!

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