By Miep Burgerjon

To see Miep’s 10.2 kw ground mount, grid tied system at Charlie Lake, BC (Click Here)

Being a member of the most invasive species on the planet and being fortunate to be a middle-class Canadian, I feel an ever-increasing responsibility to consider the ramifications of my lifestyle on my immediate natural surroundings and on a global scale. Living gently upon this planet, for me, includes choosing sustainable options that have a less destructive impact on the air we breath, the water we drink, and the land we share. One of those considered choices is being a supporting member of The Peace Energy Co-operative. Through this relationship, I become more informed about sustainable energy at the local level. I have access to expertise and a team who can design and install a solar array for my home. Living as I do, surrounded by oil and gas installations and infrastructure as well as near the not-at-all-‘clean’ energy Site C dam under construction, I feel compelled to consider an energy option that is, immediately and over the long term, kinder to our world. So, living beneath the sun-filled skies of the Peace River area, harnessing this light to best advantage seems a more enlightened alternative.