The cost of solar power modules and equipment has come way, way down over the last five years, due mostly to a huge scale-up in worldwide production.

However, solar power still represents a significant investment, and must be properly designed and expertly installed to perform properly. PEC designs and installs solar power systems to fit your budget, based on a thorough assessment of your needs and wants.


Based on our experience to date, a home- or small business-based solar system will cost between $5000 and $50,000.

To help you get started, PEC offers two solar evaluation reports, ideal for small business and residential grid-tie, plus an hourly consultation service:

BASIC SOLAR REPORT: Do I have a good solar location? Roughly how much power can I generate and about how much will my solar power system cost? The Basic Solar Report will answer these questions and includes a photo simulation to show how your solar array will look on your roof. A great start at going solar for $195 plus tax

NOTE: if you order a Basic Solar Report and you are a Peace Energy Cooperative member, $100 will be deducted from your final order if you choose to proceed

ADVANCED SOLAR REPORT: provides a detailed analysis of your site including: a site visit by a Peace Energy Co-op solar consultant, detailed design work, a shade analysis, the levelized cost of electricity from your solar power system, your rate of payback and an exact quotation for all equipment, installation and shipping. The Advanced Solar Report will prepare you to order exactly what you need, pay a deposit and book your installation date. A great way to go solar quickly and efficiently for $495 plus tax. (some extra charges may apply, such as mileage for rural site visits. Please call for an exact quotation for your Advanced Solar Report.)

NOTE: if you order an Advanced Solar Report and you are a Peace Energy Cooperative member, $250 will be deducted from your final order if you choose to proceed.

SOLAR CONSULTATION: for more complex solar power systems, like off-grid independent power systems, micro-grids for remote lodges, etc. Peace Energy Co-op offers a solar consultation service that can include all of the above and much more. Please call for rates.

To get started call Peace Energy Cooperative at 250-782-3882 ( We love to talk solar!



  • A roof-mounted grid-tie system is the most cost-effective way to go solar.
  • A solar power system has been proven to increase the value and sale-ability of your home or office.
  • With a grid-tie system as soon as you flick the “on” switch and begin making solar electricity, the system begins to pay for itself by reducing your electrical bills.
  • With a properly sized grid-tied system and an energy efficient home, office or cottage you can not only reduce your electrical bill but (in some cases) completely eliminate it, while receiving income from your utility for the extra solar electricity produced by your system. (see “Got My Cheque!”)
  • Going solar will help protect you from inevitable future utility rate increases.
  • Solar panels and most solar equipment (not batteries) are now guaranteed for 25 years.
  • Adding a battery bank to your grid-tie system (so you will have some power for your home or business when the grid goes down) increases your cost but gives added electrical security. During temporary grid-failures your solar-charged batteries can keep critical loads operating (like freezers and furnace fans) or can keep your business open when the competition has to close.
  • Off-grid systems are the most complex and therefore the most expensive, but can give you complete electrical independence and can save money compared to bringing in power or running a generator.